Amity Church (historical), Lena
Basswood Church, Orangeville

Bethany United Church of Christ, Freeport East
Bethel Baptis
t Chruch, Freeport East
Bethel Church, Dakota
Christian Hollo
w Church (historical), Lena
Church of Christ, Freeport East
hurch of God in Christ, Freeport East
Church of the Brethren,
Freeport West
Dakota Community Presbyterian Church, Dakota
akota United Methodist Church, Dakota
Davis United Methodist
Church, Davis
Embury United Methodist Church, Freeport East
vangelical Church of God in Christ, Freeport East
Faith United Methodist Church
1440 S. Walnut Ave.

First Church of Christ Scientist, Freeport East
First Church
of the Nazarene, Freeport East
First Church of the Open Bible
, Freeport West
First English Evangelical Lutheran Church, Fr
eeport East
First Free Methodist Church, Freeport East
Presbyterian Church, Freeport East
First United Brethren Chur
ch, Freeport West
First United Methodist Church, Freeport Eas
German Valley United Methodist Church, German Valley
Good S
hepherd Lutheran Church, Lena

Grace Episcopal Church
10 S. Cherry St.
Freeport East

Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church, Freeport East
Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church, Freeport East
Irish Grove
Church, Davis
Kingdom Hall, Freeport East
Lena Church of the
Brethren, Lena
Lena United Methodist Church, Lena
Mennonite C
hurch, Freeport East
Mount Calvary Church of God in Christ, F
reeport East

New Beginnings Church
7419 E. Brick School Road
Rock City, Ill. 61070
Mark D. Vlad, Pastor

Oak Street Evangelical Church, founded in 1851,
a small brick church was erected on Oak Street midway between S. Galena Ave.  Empire St. In 1908, the Salem Church united with the Evangelical Church. Services in English every Sunday evening and the services are in German on Sunday morning. Information submitted by Mary
Open Bible Church, Freeport West
Orangeville United Methodist
Church, Orangeville
Pleasant View Church, Freeport East
ce of Peace Lutheran Church, Freeport West
Richland Church, O
Richland Salem Church, Orangeville
Ridott Christia
n Reformed Church, German Valley
Sabin Church, Boone Branch
St. Catherine Catholic Church, Freeport East
St. James Chris
tian Methodist Episcopal Church, Freeport East
St. Joseph Cat
holic Church, Lena
St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church, Freeport East
St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Freeport East
St. Paul Baptist Church, Freeport East
St. P
aul's Church, Kent
St. Paul's United Church of Christ, Davis
St. Thomas Aquinas Church, Freeport West
Salem Evangelical Ch
urch, Loran
Salem United Church of Christ, Pearl City
Baptist Church, Freeport East
Second Presbyterian Church, Fre
eport East
Silver Creek Reformed Church, German Valley
Road Church (historical), Freeport East
Trinity Evangelical U
nited Brethren Church (historical), Freeport East
Van Brockli
n Church, Shannon
Yellow Creek Church, Pearl City
Zion United
Church of Christ, Freeport East
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