Cemetery Data

Afolkey Cemetery, Dakota
Babbs Grove Cemetery, Pearl City
Baileyville Baptist Cemetery, unknown
Basswood Cemetery, Ora
Bellview Cemetery, Orangeville
Bethel Cemetery, Un
Bethlehem Cemetery, Davis
Blackhawk Monument Cemetery
, Unknown
Blair Cemetery, Kent
Brick Church Cemetery, Orang
Cedarville Cemetery, Orangeville
Cedarville School H
ouse Cemetery (historical), Unknown
Chapel Hill Cemetery, Fr
eeport West
Christian Hollow Cemetery, Lena
County Home Cem
etery, Freeport West
Clay Cemetery
Cranes Grove Cemetery, Forreston North
Crossroads Cemetery,
Dakota Cemetery, Dakota
Davis Cemetery, Davis
er Cemetery
Eilert Cemetery, Unknown
Eldorado Cemetery, Dak
Eleroy Cemetery, Pearl City
Ellis Van Brocklin Cemetery
, Freeport West
Evergreen Cemetery, Unknown
Felts Cemetery,
Frankeburger Cemetery, Davis
Freeport City Cemetery,
Freeport West
Freeport Mennonite Cemetery, Freeport East
allows Hill Cemetery, Unknown
Grace Methodist Evangelical Ce
metery, Pearl City
Grandview Cemetery, Freeport West
Cemetery, Pearl City
Gunds Cemetery, Freeport East
Center Cemetery, Freeport West
Hart Cemetery, Freeport West
Hathaway Cemetery, Unknown
Hawkins Cemetery, Unknown
ey School Cemetery, Unknown
Hickory Grove Cemetery, Unknown
Highland Cemetery, Pearl City
Holly Grove Cemetery, Warren
Howardsville Cemetery, Warren
Indian Burial Grounds, Unknow
Irish Grove Cemetery, Davis
Jerusalem Cemetery, Unknown
nt Lutheran Cemetery
Kent United Baptist Cemetery, Kent
Lancaster Cemetery, Freepo
rt East
Lane Evangelical United Baptist Cemetery, Shannon
a Cemetery, Pearl City
Liebhart Cemetery, Pearl City
Louisa C
emetery, Lena
Lutheran Cemetery, Unknown
Manny Cemetery, Lena

Martin Cemetery, Freeport West
Mennonite Cemetery, Freeport
Mount Carmel Evangelical United Baptist Cemetery, Unknow
Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Orangeville
Oakland Freeport Cemet
ery, Freeport West
Old Zion Church Cemetery, Unknown
Oneco Ce
metery, Orangeville
Orangeville Cemetery, Orangeville
Pearl C
ity Cemetery, Pearl City
Pioneers Cemetery, Davis
Preston Cem
etery, Unknown
Reed and Thomas Milburn Cemetery
Rice School C
emetery, Unknown
Richland Cemetery, Orangeville
Richland Cent
er Cemetery, Orangeville
Richland Salem Lutheran Cemetery, Or
Ridgeway Cemetery, Unknown
Ridott Center Cemetery,
German Valley
Rock City Cemetery, Davis
Sabin Cemetery, Boone
Saint James Cemetery, Orangeville
Saint John's Luther
an Cemetery, Unknown
Saint Joseph Cemetery, Freeport East
nt Joseph Cemetery, Lena
Saint Mary's Cemetery, Freeport West

Saint Mary's Cemetery, Pearl City
Saint Paul Cemetery, Davis

Saint Paul's Lutheran Cemetery, Kent
Salem Evangelical Cemet
ery, Loran
Schudt Cemetery, Unknown
Seth Scott Farm Burials,
Shippy Salem Cemetery, Orangeville
Silent Hill Cemet
ery, Orangeville
Silver Creek Cemetery, German Valley
Spring Cemetery, Freeport East
Smallwood Cemetery, Unknown
ring Valley Cemetery
State Line Cemetery, Brodhead West
Road Cemetery, Freeport East
Stockton Cemetery
Stone Church
Cemetery, Loran
Timms Grove Cemetery, Unknown
Union Cemetery,
Waddams Grove Cemetery, Warren
Wagner Cemetery, Ridot
Waite Cemetery, Lena
Winneshiek Cemetery, Unknown
Winslow C
emetery, Lena
Woodruff Cemetery (historical), Unknown
Creek Brethren Cemetery, Pearl City
Zion Cemetery, Orangevill

The following list of cemeteries is courtesy of the Stephenson County Genealogical Society.
Cemetery inscriptions are inc
luded in the following "Volumes of Inscriptions".


Christian Hollow, Winslow Twp.
Winslow⁄Rock Lily, Wi
nslow Twp.
Basswood, Oneco Twp.
Mt. Pleasant⁄Van Matre, Oneco
Oneco, Oneco Twp.
Orangeville, Oneco Twp.
Eldorado, One
co Twp.
Fairfield, Oneco Twp.
Waddams Grove, West Point Twp.
Crossroads⁄Salem, West Point Twp.
Louisa, West Point Twp.
Joseph⁄Lena, West Point Twp.
Holly Grove, West Point Twp.
bey⁄Wait, Waddams Twp.
Manny, Waddams Twp.
Silent Hill, Wadda
ms Twp.
Brick Church⁄McConnell Salem Lutheran, Waddams Twp.
alem Center, Waddams Twp.
St. James, Waddams Twp.
Richland Sa
lem⁄Evangelical Lutheran, Waddams Twp.
Richland Center⁄Jerusa
lem, Buckeye Twp.
Bellview, Buckeye Twp.
Old Zion, Buckeye Tw
Afolkey, Buckeye Twp.
Lena Memorial Park - on file at the
Lena Public Library. Cedarville Cemetery inscriptions - on file at the Freeport Public Library.

Eleroy, Erin Twp.
Greenwood⁄Grigsby, Erin Twp.
m Evangelical  Reformed⁄UCC, Erin Twp.
Ebenezer Evangelical 
Reformed⁄UCC⁄Stone Church, Jefferson Twp.
Loran Evangelical⁄Methodist Evangelical, Jefferson Tw
Salem Evangelical Reformed⁄UCC⁄Loran
, Jefferson Twp.
Blackhawk Monument, Kent Twp.
ard's Grove, Jo Daviess Co.
Kent Lutheran ⁄ St. Pauls Lutheran, Kent Tep.
Kent United Br
ethren⁄Old Liberal, Kent Twp.
St. Mary's⁄New Dublin, Kent Twp
Yellow Creek Union⁄Dunkard⁄Yellow Creek Brethren, Kent Twp.

Babb's Grove, Loran Twp.
Grace M.E.⁄German Methodist Evangel
ical, Loran Twp.
Highland, Loran Twp.
Liebhardt⁄Union, Loran
Zion Evangelical United Brethren⁄Sabin, Loran Twp.
hey School, Loran Twp.
*Moses Grigsby, Loran Twp.
ptions provided by individuals who had the information. Both cemeteries are abandoned.


Ellis⁄Van Brocklin, Florence Twp.
Hart, Florence T
Lane Evangelical United Brethren⁄Florence, Florence Twp.
Calvary⁄St. Mary's, Harlem Twp.
Harlem Center⁄Smallwood, Harl
em Twp.
Martin⁄Shiloh, Harlem Twp.
Crane's Grove⁄Scott's, Sil
ver Creek Twp.
Didden's⁄Prairie Hill, Silver Creek Twp.
Silver Creek Twp.
St. Joseph's Catholic, Silver Creek Twp.
tephenson County Home, Silver Creek Twp.
Ridott Center⁄Schlei
ch, Ridott Twp.
Ridott Christian Reform⁄Holland, Ridott Twp.
Ridott, Ridott Twp.
Silver Creek Reform⁄German Valley, Ridott
State Road, Ridott Twp.
Wagner⁄Ferwell, Ridott Twp..

Records for Oakland Cemetery and Chapel Hill Cemetery (Chape
l Hill Memorial Park, 2514 IL 26 South, Freeport, IL 61032, 815-235-2167) are on file at their respective offices. Freeport City Cemetery (City Cemetery, 902-959 W. Lincoln Blvd., Freeport, IL 61032, 815-232-5416) - on file at the Freeport Public Library.


Dakota, Dakota Twp.
Grandview⁄Evangelical Society o
f Lancaster, Lancaster Twp.
Freeport Mennonite, Lancaster Twp
Lancaster, Lancaster Twp.
Silver Springs⁄Young's, Lancaster
Davis, Rock Run Twp.
Brubaker⁄Rowe⁄Berlin, Rock Run Twp
Eilert⁄Rock City, Rock Run Twp.
Pioneer⁄Vietmeier, Rock Run
St. Paul⁄Epplyanna, Rock Run Twp.
St. Patrick⁄Irish Gro
ve, Rock Run Twp.
Bethelhem⁄Eggert, Rock Grove Twp.
ent School, Rock Grove Twp.
Frankenburger⁄Beim Chapel, Rock G
rove Twp.
Rock Grove Union, Rock Grove Twp.
State Line Luther
an⁄Trinity Lutheran, Rock Grove Twp.


Sam Brown found this info at the LDS FHC in the Family History Library Catalog.
(Each Volume contains cemeteries in certai
n townships)
Vol. 1 - Winslow, Oneco, West Point, Waddams Grove and Buckeye townships:
(5 fiches) # 6017128
Vol. 2 - Erin, Jefferson, Kent and Loran townships:
(4 fiches) # 6050648
Vol. 3 - Florence, Harlem, Silver Creek and Ridott townships:
5 fiches) # 6050649
Vol. 4 - Dakota, Lancaster, Rock Run and Rock Grove townships:
(4 fiches) # 6050650
Vol. 5 - Freeport City Cemetery:
on microfilm # 1698056, item # 6


Area Funeral Homes
Allen-Woodin Funeral Home, Milledgville, I
L, 815-225-7154, 815-626-0470
Bartell Funeral Home, 519 Tisde
ll Ave., Warren, IL, 815-745-2114
Benson-Brown-Seidel Funeral
Home, 110 E. Dixon, Polo, IL, 815-946-2402
Burke-Tubbs Funer
al Home's Ltd., W. Galena  N. Walnut Ave., Freeport, IL 61032, 815-233-0613, or 203 3rd Ave., Forreston, IL, 815-938-2470
Countryman Kenneth L. Funeral Home, 529 Washington, Pecatonica, IL, 815-239-1234
Cramer Funeral Home, 200 W. High, Orangev
ille, IL, 815-789-4411
Daughenbaugh Funeral Home, 115 S. West
, Dakota, IL, 815-449-2213
Frank-Law-Jones Funeral Home, 217
Main, Chadwick, IL, 815-684-5185
Furlong Funeral Chapel, 227
N. Main St., Galena, IL, 815-777-9122
Genandt Funeral Home, 1
45 Church, German Valley, IL, 815-362-2441
Haudenshield Funer
al Home, 185 Wisconsin Ave., East Dubuque, IL, 815-747-2623
ermann Funeral Home, 249 N. Park, Stockton, IL, 815-947-3355, or 37 E. Market, Shannon, IL 61078, 815-864-2441, 815-864-2381, or Illinois Route 73 South, Pearl City, IL, 815-443-2246
Law-Jones Funeral Home's Inc., 107 S. Main, Elizabeth, IL, 800-525-2264
Leamon's, 208 Main, Lena, IL, 815-369-4512
e Funeral Home, 101 W. Main, Durand, IL, 815-248-2200, or 203 W. 5th, Pecatonica, IL, 815-239-2105
Miller's Funeral Home,
1185 US 35 North, East Dubuque, IL, 815-747-3194
Schwarz Funeral Home, 220 N. Main, Pearl City, IL, 815-443-2212
Russell-Frank Funeral Home, 111 N. High, Lanark, IL, 815-4
Schwarz Funeral Home, 816 S. Galena Ave., Freeport, I
L 61032, 815-235-7371
Steinke Funeral Home, 316 S. Railroad,
Scales Mound, IL, 815-845-2218, 815-777-9000
Walker Mortuary
Ltd., 321 W. Main, Freeport, IL 61032, 815-232-2136





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